How to

MCRI Allergy Pal makes managing child food allergies easier.

MCRI AllergyPal is an electronic record of a child’s ASCIA allergy plan and helps you to manage your child's food allergy and to share their ASCIA action plan with friends and family.

AllergyPal is suitable for any child with a food allergy. Even if your child has only previously suffered a mild allergic reaction to a food there is no guarantee that future reactions will present with only mild symptoms.

Track Epi-pen expiry

Keeping track of your devices and ensuring they have not expired is an essential part of managing your child’s allergy. Allergy Pal will provide an alert to ensure you have enough time to see your GP for a repeat script.

Share function

The share function allows parents to share their child's ASCIA action plan via SMS. This ensures that the relaying of important information concerning the care of their child is delivered in a systematic manner.

Avoid reaction

The avoid reaction function allows parents to provide information on safe foods and other tips for temporary caregivers to help avoid a reaction when in their care.

React now

The react now function gives the carer an electronic record of a child’s ASCIA allergy plan and helps them to manage your child's food allergy.

My action plan

My Action Plan feature allows you to securely store an electronic version of your ASCIA action plan within the app, meaning it’s accessible at all times.